We are into geocaching, if you couldn’t already tell.
We thought we’d keep a log of some of our favourites as we go along.

It might take me a while to find all the correct codes.

2011.09 Towneley Park 4

Burnley, no longer exists as a cache

2011.09 Towneley Park 6
GC183G4 – Towneley Park
2011.09 Whitby 8
GCHQ99 – Whitby
2011.08 Bywater Trail 4
GCX0DW – Bywater, Castleford
2011.08 Huddersfield 1
 GC2X8ZG – Spuds 6, in Huddersfield.  For now remembered as the one that we almost lost our children to thirsty cattle.
Pendle Hill
GC1HW0N – Pendal Hill earth cache
2011.08 Ravenscar 55
 GC191DQ – Ravenscar unused Rail Station.  Its our favourite so far.
Welcome to Las Vegas

GC729A Welcome to Las Vegas


The Bay Smuggler (GC1AZX6)


Looking Up (GC37CRX)